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Teeth Tomorrow Hudson Valley can provide solutions
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What is Teeth Tomorrow™?

Teeth Tomorrow™  is a network of doctors offering a permanent dental implant supported tooth replacement solution made of Prettau zirconia, one of the strongest dental materials available. It is a life changing procedure which not only restores your smile, but helps you regain self confidence and the availability to live your life fully. If you are in need of replacing your teeth that have failed, Teeth Tomorrow provides a proven solution. Your dental problems today end with Teeth Tomorrow!

The Teeth Tomorrow process can be conveniently completed in one office, one location with one proven procedure. Unlike traditional acrylic bridges with denture teeth, or other metal and porcelain options, Prettau Zirconia through the Teeth Tomorrow™ network is constructed from Prettau® Zirconia, one of the most durable materials available in dentistry and is resistant to chipping, cracking, staining or  plaque attraction.

Custom-designed for each patient, the bridge is anchored in the jaw with multiple implants. The Prettau Zirconia Bridge has a documented success rate of 99.8 percent (based on a 4 year study of 110 Prettau Zirconia arches).

A determination to see if you are a candidate for Teeth Tomorrow can only be made after a comprehensive consultation where the risks and benefits of implant treatment are reviewed and all possible treatment options are evaluated. 

About Teeth Tomorrow Hudson Valley

Tischler & Patch Dental was opened in Woodstock, NY in 1971, set up on nine acres of beautiful Hudson Valley scenery. The facility is designed to be calming and feel luxurious, with a hotel-style check-in area, waterfalls, gardens, and large windows in every treatment room with a great view. We currently hold three hygiene treatment rooms; twelve treatment rooms, each with a surgical suite; a dedicated dental implant surgery suite with a CT machine; and Tischler Dental Laboratory, our in-office digital dental laboratory where we create your porcelain veneers, bridges, and crowns. Dr. Michael Tischler and Dr. Claudia Patch are dedicated to improving people's quality of life.

Warren's Teeth Tomorrow™ Story

A Prettau® Bridge patient, Warren, describes his experience with the Teeth Tomorrow™ Network. As a professional entertainer, he wanted a beautiful smile that he could be proud of while performing and in his daily life. With his new Prettau® Bridge, he feels confident in his smile again.

"Next day" vs. "Same day"

The Teeth Tomorrow steps are based on the concept of delivering a screw-retained provisional the next day ( Tomorrow). The benefits of next day delivery instead of on the same day are: less chair time for the doctor and patient; a refined lab processed provisional; easier delivery and less bleeding for the patient. 

A determination to see if you are a candidate for Teeth Tomorrow can only be made after a comprehensive consultation where the risks and benefits of implant treatment are reviewed and all possible treatment options are evaluated. 

Ron's Fantastic Results

A Teeth Tomorrow™patient, Ron, had his upper dental arch restored with the Prettau® Zirconia bridge. Today, he feels confident in his natural-looking, youthful smile. 

Benefits of Prettau® Zirconia

Doesn't Crack, Chip, or Stain,
and is Natural Looking

Because the Teeth Tomorrow™ Prettau dental implant bridge is constructed from Zirconia, a unique high-quality material it offers a wealth of advantages to patients:

No Acrylic: Unlike acrylic bridges the Prettau Zirconia (which is made of the top of the line Zirconia - Zirkonzahn) is resistant to both chips and stains. Zirkonzahn is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing options available, and provides patients with a long-term solution to improve major dental problems.

Customization: In addition to its durability, Prettau® Zirconia can easily be tailored to each individual using 3-D imaging of the dental arch. As a result, the prosthetic bridge will fit comfortably and feel as natural as it looks.

Durability: Because Zirconia is nonporous and chip-resistant, Teeth Tomorrow™ Bridges are designed to last substantially longer than traditional acrylic or porcelain bridges. In addition, the implants that secure the prosthetic bridge ensure a stable, long-lasting restoration.

Teeth Tomorrow implant-supported bridge

About Tischler Dental Laboratory

Tischler Dental Laboratory was one of the first laboratories in the world to offer Prettau® Zirconia Bridges. Dr. Michael Tischler and his team are passionate about their quality restorations and the amazing results they provide clients. Today, Tischler Dental Laboratory is the largest provider of Prettau® products in the U.S.

Dr. Michael Tischler
President & CEO

Since receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry, Dr. Tischler has practiced at Tischler & Patch Dental. Over the years, he has established himself as one of the leading authorities in implant dentistry. He has published more than 40 articles on implants and bone grafting, has lectured internationally, and currently acts as the Implant Editor for Dentistry Today, the premier clinical news magazine for dentists. 

Teeth Tomorrow™ is the result of Dr. Tischler's protocols which deliver high-quality prosthetics to patients the next day.

Dr. Michael Tischler

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Prettau Zirconia...has the proven reputation with years of experience...This is something that has research and science behind it.

Dr. Michael Tischler, Founder of Teeth Tomorrow


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